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President barack obama increased his warning against the islamic state group monday, vowing to further erode its territorial gains in iraq and syria and go after more of its leaders he said us airstrikes dropped more bombs on the terrorist organization, aka isis and isil, last month than in any. For an oval office address delivered on a sunday night, president obama's speech last night sounded more like a statement read from the podium in the press room.

President barack obama will deliver his speech on isis in prime time on wednesday, the white house says obama will speak at 9 pm et from the state floor of the white house, press secretary josh earnest said obama plans to use the speech to lay out a strategy for fighting isis, the islamic. Mr obama revealed an interview sunday that he will tell the nation about his plans to hunt down isis in a speech wednesday, just shy of two weeks after he said we don't have a strategy yet to deal with the militant group. In recent weeks, two of the legal scholars i most admire --. Abu musab al-zarqawi, the founder of isis, was still an unknown jihadist during the run-up to the us invasion of iraq colin powell's 2003 speech to the united nations would help change that.

Obama's speech on islamic state militants islamic state militants have wreaked havoc in iraq and syria and threatened action against the united states. On his monday radio show, conservative talker mark levin, once a staunch opponent of republican presidential nominee donald trump, praised trump for a speech he had given earlier in the day in youngstown, oh outlining how he would handle the threat of terrorism on the homeland. On sunday, december 6, president obama addressed the nation on his top priority: keeping americans safe read the transcript of the president’s speech here. Full text of president barack obama's address to the nation on isis.

The full text of president obama’s speech from the oval office on sunday, december 6, is going viral in a big way first off, the full text of mr obama’s speech from the oval office. President obama expanded the campaign against isis to include airstrikes in syria and more american advisers in iraq, but he sought to distinguish the new action from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. Speaking after consulting with top pentagon officials, barack obama claimed that isis is losing territory and fighters in iraq and syria barack obama sought to reassert himself as commander-in-chief on monday, standing with military top brass at the pentagon and warning leaders of islamic state.

isis speech Trump made similar comments last week when he called clinton the founder of isis and said she should get an award from them.

Isis nursing horus 1 introduction as i entered the rosicrucian egyptian museum, i began viewing the artworks, and it was there that i noticed a beautiful sculpture. Isis spokesman abu hassan al-muhajir has released his first speech in 10 months – calling for attacks in the west and russia the beleaguered group once controlled lands the size of the uk in iraq and syria, but is now clinging on to less than three per cent of its territories now, in a rambling.

  • When it comes to foreign policy, a presidential speech is measured by two things: strategic tone and strategic substance on the first count, president obama’s isis address was largely successful.
  • Says barack obama founded isis i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton — donald trump on wednesday, august 10th, 2016 in a speech in sunrise, fla.
  • Us president barack obama has been under pressure to lay out a comprehensive plan to defeat the militant group isis here are five things he needs to talk about as he makes his case to the american public in a prime-time speech at 9 pm et.

Purpose at the end of my presentation, the audience will be able to explain what isis is and the danger it has on america introduction all you have been hearing about in the news lately is isis this and isis that. Some legal scholars are asking whether it is time to reconsider the “clear and present danger” standard for curbing the freedom of speech. Coverage of president obama’s speech explaining his strategy for confronting the islamic state in iraq and syria, the sunni militant group. Us national security editor spencer ackerman breaks down the omissions, inversions and problems of obama’s isis speech.

isis speech Trump made similar comments last week when he called clinton the founder of isis and said she should get an award from them. isis speech Trump made similar comments last week when he called clinton the founder of isis and said she should get an award from them. Download
Isis speech
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